Welcome to MediaRights' fourth annual Media That Matters Film Festival. Our jury has chosen 16 short films on the burning topics of today: Corporate Accountability, Sustainable Agriculture, Civil Liberties, Youth Media and more. Choose your media player below, select a film to your right, and click on a link to take action on the causes you care about most. STREAM>CLICK>ACTION

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Choose a film to take action on the issues. Learn more, donate to the cause, join a letter-writing campaign or volunteer.

I Promise Africa

  • Send a letter to the President demanding that funds be sent to Africa through Keep a Child Alive.
  • Get the facts through Artists Against AIDS Worldwide.
  • Join the DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa) action network.


Seeds of Hope: South Africa

  • Lend your voice to the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Get the facts by sitting down at the Sustainable Table.
  • Contribute to the latest action at the Institute for Food and Development Policy.

The Meatrix

Laugh at the Fat Kid

Lean on Me

Books Not Bars

The Children of Birmingham

Day of Remembrance

Dedicated to My Family

Struggling to Survive

The Sixth Section

  • Donate to Grupo Unión's well and water system project.
  • Defend the rights of Mexicans in America through the Mexico Solidarity Network.
  • Urge Congress to reform unjust immigration laws through the ACLU.

Novela, Novela

  • Get the facts about the abuse of women in Latin America from MADRE.
  • Fight violence against women through the American Civil Liberties Union.
  • Join the Feminist Majority.

Bush for Peace

Spring in Awe

POPaganda: The Art and Subversion of Ron English

Jury Award Sponsored by National Film Network
Health Advocacy Award Sponsored by Sundance Channel
Environment Award
Film for Thought Award Sponsored by Heifer International
Peter Yarrow Peace in Our Classrooms Award Sponsored by Frank Marshall
Youth Digital Story Award Sponsored by the Waitt Family Foundation
Criminal Justice Award Sponsored by Open Society Institute
Youth Video Award Sponsored by Time Warner Foundation
Racial Justice Award
Family and Society Award
Youth Documentary Award Sponsored by Time Warner Foundation
American Dream Award Sponsored by Netflix
Women's Rights Award
Politics and Government Award
Media Awareness Award Sponsored by AIVF
Media Literacy Award Sponsored by Paola Freccero

To start watching films, choose a media player to your left and click on an image above.

I Promise Africa (2:40 min)
While making a documentary about orphans, a filmmaker preserves the voices of a generation that will soon be silenced. [more]
iThemba (5:19 min)
The Sinikithemba Choir turns stage into soapbox, singing and speaking for 5 million HIV+ South Africans. [more]
Seeds of Hope: South Africa (6:12 min)
A group of women in a South African township learn how to sustain themselves and their children. [more]
The Meatrix (3:47 min)
Will Leo the pig take the blue pill and remain in a fantasyland where quaint family farms produce food for our tables? [more]
Laugh at the Fat Kid (7:57 min)
A young boy caught in a cycle of ridicule and overeating — what's wrong with this picture? [more]
Lean on Me (1:46 min)
When the mayor's office says "no," a group of kids find a safe place to play basketball. [more]
Books Not Bars (3:44 min)
The teens of the Books Not Bars movement demand that education be the government's priority, now and in the future. [more]
The Children of Birmingham (6:17 min)
Baltimore youth tell the story of their 1960s counterparts who fought for civil rights. [more]
Day of Remembrance (8:00 min)
Sixty years have passed between Pearl Harbor and September 11th, but have things really changed for Arab and Muslim Americans? [more]
Dedicated to My Family (3:51 min)
Living in a teen shelter, Nicole has learned that family is where the heart is. [more]
Struggling to Survive (7:37 min)
Teenagers in eastern Kentucky turn their cameras on the living wage crisis in their community. [more]
The Sixth Section (8:10 min)
During the cold winters of upstate New York, a group of immigrants work together to give back to their hometown of Boqueron, Mexico. [more]
Novela, Novela (7:20 min)
A group of Nicaraguan activists produce a homegrown soap opera about issues like safe sex and domestic abuse. [more]
Bush for Peace (1:56 min)
It's Dubya as you've never heard him before in a re-mix of U.S. foreign policy. [more]
Spring in Awe (4:00 min)
The overpowering displays of Times Square put a spell on the world in a disturbing lullaby of global capitalism. [more]
POPaganda: The Art and Subversion of Ron English (8:24 min)
Ron English's billboards force the man on the street to look twice...or maybe three times. [more]
MediaRights launched the fifth annual Media That Matters Film Festival on June 1st, 2005. Watch the films!